Doric Dangler Archive

Dang0107 January 2007

            The AGM 2006     

Flight Reports in a glider – Bob Dunthorn

Tandem Flights – Simon Lucas

Flight Report: Creag nan Gabhar Out-&-Return – Matthew Church

Xceara, Brazil – Matthew Church

Glider Checks - Simon Lucas

Dang1006 October 2006

            The Pyrenean Plummeting Tour 2006 - Colin Harrison

             Piedrahita in September - Simon Lucas

            Crash Test Dummy Nomination – Graeme Connolly

            Ochils’ Nationals – Matthew Church

            A Memorable Flight From Tap - Charlie Ingram

            Flight Report: Glen Clova - Scott Mather

Dang0806 August 2006

Scottish Nationals Arran – Matthew Church

Scottish Nationals Aberdeen – Matthew Church

Site News – Dr Bob

Governador Valedares – Adrian Smith

Flight Report: Meall Odhar to Bridge of Alford – Matthew Church

Flight Report: Cairnwell – Scott Mather

Flight Report: Pressendye to Insch and almost back – Julian Robinson

Flight Report: Pressendye to various places

Flight Report: Morrone to Ballater

Flight Report: Morrone to Ballater and Dinnet

Chabre Ozone Open – Matthew Church

Dang0606 June 2006

Comp & Site News

French Flying Guide - Guillaume Perrin

Lookout Mountain (1) – Simon Lucas

Flight Report: Tap to Lossiemouth– Julian Robinson

Lookout Mountain (2) – Bob Dunthorn

Lookout Mountain (3) – Geoff May

Female DHV Classifications

Dang0306 March 2006

The AGM – Matthew Church

All Go In Algo – Scott Mather

Pokhara Stopover – Simon Lucas

DHV-2 Paraglider Testing – Simon Lucas

Ratho Reserve Repack – Scott Mather

Australia – Matthew Church

Dang1005 October 2005

Wummin Parapoofters Dangle in Red – Fiona Work

Scottish Nationals Arran – Neil Macdonald

Aberdeen Accomodation Review – Steve Blackler

Scottish Nationals Aberdeen – Simon Lucas

Chabre Ozone Open – Simon Lucas

Dang0705 July 2005

Celtic Cup Iceland – Bob Dunthorn

Morrone Flying 14-15 May – Matthew Church

St Cyrus incident – Simon Lucas

British Championships Mayerhofen – Matthew Church

British Championships Piedrahita – Matthew Church

Dang0405 April 2005

Dead Dogs & Dysentry in Guatemala – Ian Smith

Ratho Reserve Repack – Kevin Will

Week in Aberdeenshire – Matthew Church

St Cyrus Incidents – Giles Adam

75km Weekend in England – Steve Blackler


Dang0105 January 2005


AGM Report – Matthew Church

Pilot Profile Charlie Ingram

Tequila Time in Mexico – Matthew Church

Grotty Pathetic Deltas in Lanzerotte – Ian Smith

Brian Sandison incident – John Newton


Dang1004 October 2005


Six Jour en Provence – Brian Sandison

Scottish Nationals Aberdeen – Matthew Church

BPC Welsh Open – Matthew Church

Mayrhofen – Kevin Will

British Championships Castejon – Matthew Church

Longest Drag, Coaching Weekend – Kieron Flynn

Dang0804 August 2004


NOTAMs – Bob Dunthorn

Club Weekend at Leadlich – Simon Lucas

British Championships St Andre – Matthew Church

Pathetic Deltas in the French Alps – Ian Smith


Dang0504 May 2004


Spring Trophy – Geoff May

Scottish Nationals SMPC Lochearnhead – Matthew Church

BPC Scottish Open – Matthew Church

Access Rights – Alastair Bowman


Dang0304 March 2004


Lanzawasting – Ian Smith

Crete – John Newton

El Presidentι in Middle Earth – Geoff May

Another Kind of Forward Launch, Instrucor Training – Pete Fotrell

Round the World – Matthew Church


Dang1203 December 2003


AGM Report – Matthew Church

Alpine Flying – Ron Holder

Touring with Children – Simon Allen

BPC Borders Open – Simon Lucas

Touring the Alps Again – Matthew Church

Trieze Jours en Provence – Brian Sandison

Autumn Pilchard - Matthew Church


Dang0903 September 2003


A Lost Sheep Returns to Hang Gliding – Charlie Ingram

Kayaking Across Scotland – Pete Fotrell

Piedrahita Revisited – Kevin Will

Icecream Flight to Portsoy – Geoff May

A Grand Day Out 27th July – Matthew Church

A Triple Set – Simon Lucas

Going Big & High, Again – Geoff May


Dang0503 May 2003


25th Birthday Bash – Tony Smith

Historic Scotland Aerotowing Dual – Bob Dunthorn

Paragliding in Yourkshire – Brian Sandison

Flying in Southern California – Bob Dunthorn

Flight to Fraserburgh – Tony Smith

Flight Report Tap – Ssandy Argo

Over the Cairngorms – Julian Robinson

Paragliding Low-level Asymetric Collapses

Three Mondays at Tap - Matthew Church


Dang0303 March 2003


South African Nationals – Matthew Church

A Fistful of Euros in Spain – Ian Smith

Topping Out the Easy Way – Roy Garden

Acro – Kirk Milligan

Brazil, Where the Nuts Come From – Matthew Church


Dang1202 December 2002


Topping Out At Tap – Jim Neff

AGM – Matthew Church

First Aid Course – Alan Budge

Munich Trip – Simon Lucas

Geoff At St Cyrus - Matthew Church


Dang0902 September 2002


Geoff Waffling – Geoff May

An Honest Woman – Kirk Milligan

Swift Flight in Belgium – Bob Dunthorn

Wave Flight from Leadlich to Fraserburgh – Tony Smith

Scottish Nationals Aberdeen – Taco Viets

Bob’s Summer Holiday in Laragne – Bob Dunthorn

Heat & Dust; Team Aberdeen Aerotowing Drinking in Spain – Ian Smith

Smile While You Scream in Europe – Matthew Church

His Nibs In Spain & France – Simon Allen


Dang0702 July 2002


Bob’s Incident at Thornhill – Ian Smith

FLM Nationals, Alconbury – Pat Chilton

Triangle at Tap – Ian Smith

Scottish Nationals Arran, Lochearnhead, Borders, Ochils – Julian Robinson


Dang0502 May 2002


Getting Plastered, Leadlich to Stonehaven – Ian Smith

Obituary Dave Grant

Cairnwell & Round About – Simon Lucas

Over The Tap – Simon Lucas

Over The Tap2 – Steve Blackler

SHPF Communications – Brian Steele

Sky Out South Africa – Simon Lucas & Matthew Church


Dang0302 March 2002


Lanzarote Trip III – Julian Robinson

Obituary George Watt

Pilot Profile George Watt

Sites’ Guide Updates – Bob Dunthorn

A Visit to Australia – Bob Dunthorn

Planking Over the Back– Roy Garden


Dang0102 January 2002


Lanzarote Trip III– Colin Harrison

XC Skills Weekend at Glenshee – Karen Allen


Dang1101 November 2001


AGM Report – Matthew Church

Autumn Pilchard - Bob Dunthorn

France & Italy – Kirk Milligan

Converting to the Dark Side – John Newton

Leadlich Wave – Geoff May


Dang1001 October 2001


Greolieres Trip – Simon Lucas

France – Ron Holder

Grinning in Switzerland – Matthew Church

Thornhill Fly-In – Geoff May

Visiting a Chateau – John Rankin


Dang0701 July 2001


First Aid Course – Steve Blackler

Driving to Ager – Sandy Argo

Foot & Mouth Free Flying Sites – Bob Dunthorn

Jollies Aerotowing – Tony Smith / Geoff May


Dang0501 May 2001


Aerotow – Geoff May

Foot & Mouth Free Flying Sites – Dob Dunthorn

Kirk Joins the CTD Competition, Aerotowing – Ian Smith


Dang0201 February 2001


Lanzerote Low Life – Sandy Argo

Alpine Flying – Matthew Church

With Kid In Spain – Simon & Karen Allen

Gaitor-Bait in Florida – Ian Smith

Rocks & Lager in Lanzerote – Ian Smith

I Fought The Law – Matthew Church


Dang1100 November 2000


To Plank Or Not To Plank – Roy Garden

Zen & the Art of Pilchard Maintainance – Ian Smith

AGM Report – Matthew Church