Club meetings are held on the first and third Thursday of every month, from 8:00pm onwards, in the bar at the Aberdeen Boat Club, South Esplanade West, Aberdeen.
The AGM is held annually sometime in November or December.  The date and venue for the AGM will be announced on the AHPC Googlegroup.
The AHPC Googlegroup is the best place to go for club news and information.  It is widely used to arrange days flying, chat about flying, share flying related information, etc.
There is a club newsletter, the Doric Dangler, which is posted or e-mailed to all club members whenever the editor has received enough material to put together an issue (very rarely).
Full flying membership includes membership of the Scottish Hang Gliding and Paragliding Federation (SHPF). Fees are payable on the 1st January each year and at the time of writing (2015) full membership is £20.
Gliders can be stored at the Sunnyside Livery Stables, Cults.  The cost is currently £2 per month, per glider (£24 per year), payable to the treasurer in advance annually on 1st May.
The club has over a dozen sites within 30 - 90 minutes drive of Aberdeen. For information on the sites refer to the AHPC Sites Guide which is issued to club members.



The club sites guide is being updated. It will be available to club members only (not public) and will include:


Site description

Wind direction it takes

Site TO Elevation

Map of site with key areas marked

Take off location - GPS / Whatsapp pin

Landing location - GPS / Whatsapp pin

Parking location - GPS / Whatsapp pin

Sites officer / club coach that knows the site well / local pilot/coach that can show new pilot

Site risk assessment

Site sensitivities


Note that vehicular access falls outwith the Scottish Outdoor Access Code. AHPC sites with vehicular access are particularly precious, especially to our Hang Glider Pilots. The relationships between the club and the landowners / stake-holders are clearly critical to maintain. Particular consideration should be given to the land owners.


Note that not all club sites are suitable for paramotoring. The sites guide will be explicit in this. If paramotoring is not mentioned as approved for a site – assume that it is forbidden.


Any issues should be reported to the Sites Officer who will liaise with the committee and the stake-holders to find an amicable solution.

AHPC is a small club with some members available to fly mid-week or in the evenings as well as at weekends.  The AHPC Googlegroup can be used to check on who is available to go flying, and to make flying arrangements

Radios are a safety critical piece of kit - so make sure you have one that is reliable, and that you know how to use.  Make contact with the club should you wish guidance on which radio to use.

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