2024 Reserve Repack

Kincorth Community Centre, Provost Watt Dr, Kincorth, Aberdeen AB12 5NA on Saturday 2 March, from 0930-1300.

At least one BHPA qualified Emergency Parachute System repacker will attend, as well as potentially a number of trainees. They are all there to help you repack your own reserve, not to do it for you.

Costs: £5 for AHPC members; £10 for everyone else.

Registration: please fill out the form below. Including details of your reserve and harness helps the EPS packers prepare for the wide variety of equipment they may face.

What to bring:

  • Your reserve and harness.
  • Your reserve parachute manual.
  • Ideally some elastic bands for repacking the reserve lines, but there should be some available.