Club Coaches

Club coaches are here to help you improve your flying, particularly if you are a new pilot (i.e. at Club Pilot level), but they have so much experience between them that all pilots can learn something from them. If you are at Club Pilot level you should consider getting in touch with a Club Coach before flying, especially at an unfamiliar site.

Bob Dunthorn (HG)

Club Chief Coach

Experience: 1500 hours on HGs plus 200 hours gliding. Soon due to celebrate 250 years as a club member! An extensive knowledge of the club sites. Experienced in the coaching of HG pilots but only familiar with the basics of paragliding.

Tel: 01339 887343

Mob: 07719 720912

Julian Robinson (PG)

Chief Paragliding Coach

Experience: 1000 hours PG. Has flown a large number of hills all round Scotland. Enjoys exploring new places to fly, particularly around the West Coast.

Tel: 01224 561152

Matt Church (PG)

1600 hours (PG). Used to be the youngster of the club when I started flying in 1998, but seem to be more middle-aged now. Flown all the sites and can be found on the hill most days for half the year. Other times I’m either flying abroad or working offshore (occasionally). I’ll talk to any paraglider pilot and will even hold on to the nose wire of a hang glider. Note: I have a girlfriend called Lu who can be bribed with alcohol to act as recovery driver.

Tel: 01224 724076

Mob: 07740 593788

Dave Bichan (PG)

Flying paragliders since 2010. Familiar with most of the club sites and regularly fly sites further afield. Out most weekends and happy to introduce visiting pilots to our club sites in the Aberdeen area.

Mob: 07597 578678

Roddy Milne (PG)

Learned to fly in 2011 with a BHPA school in Morocco. Over 180 hours airtime since then flying mainly at the more northerly of the Aberdeenshire sites: Gardenstown/Crovie , Knockhill and Tap of Noth. Have visited Morroco several times for paragliding holidays since learning to fly, and in recent years have been travelling to Oludeniz, Turkey, twice a year to undergo SIV/Acro training. Available to fly most weekends and occasionally midweek from March – September. From October to March my wing is normally packed up for the winter and my spare time is spent training our kennel of sled dogs for the race season ahead.

Mob: 07864 837183

Adrian Smith (PG)

Experience: flying paragliders since 1998 and have flown most of the club sites.
Available: weekends.

Tel: 01224 314383

Mob: 07909 194109