Club History

The Aberdeen Hang Gliding Club (AHGC) was formed in 1978 by the following founding members: Ivor John, Charlie Ingram, Eric Brooks, Phillip McRonald, James Bruce, Bob Dunthorn, Hugh Dunthorn and Doug Nyedley.

AHGC was a member club of the BHGA and also affiliated to the Scottish Sailwing Association, forerunner of the SHGF, which later became the SHPF.

Other clubs operating in Scotland at the time included: Norse Wing (Shetland), Moray (Walking) Eagles, Highland, Angus, Lothian, Lomond (Fife) and Lanarkshire.

The first paragliders appeared in the area in 1989 with training being provided by Terry and Sandra Stubbs of Scottish Paragliders, later renamed Adventure Extrem. Most training was done at Tap o’ Noth near Rhynie or the Bochel near Tomintoul. When Adventure Extreme relocated to France in 1993 most paraglider pilots who had trained with them, including John Newton and Kevin Will, slowly migrated to the Aberdeen Hang Gliding Club which later adopted its current name of the Aberdeen Hang Gliding and Paragliding Club (AHPC).