Met Office Surface Pressure Charts



XCWeather – Summary forecasts

MeteoBlue – Summary forecasts, meteograms, live satellite imagery


Lazy RASP – Quick overview of week ahead

XCPara Weather – Another RASP wrapper, slightly easier to use on mobile.

RASP Blipmap (Skew-T) forecasts – Generate a RASP Tephigram forecast for any of the BGA turnpoints.


SkySight – [Subscription only] Feature-rich forecasting and XC planning system.

Route Planning & Airspace

XCPlanner – XC planning, including SkyWays heatmap layer

Worldwide Soaring Turnpoint Exchange Airspace – Airspace to download Airspace – Airspace map

XContest – Global flight database

Scottish XCLeague – Scottish part of a UK flight database

Hilltop Analytics Wingman – Visually browse the UK XCLeague flight archive.

Hilltop Analytics XC Flight Browser – Older, slower way of visually browsing the XCLeague flight archive.

XCLeague Browser – Browse XCLeague flight archive by date, pilot, and score.


Bing Ordnance Survey Maps  – Free, high resolution/small scale. (Only accessible on a UK internet connection)

WalkHighlands Maps – Free OS maps. Free registration to access smaller scale.

Site Databases

Paragliding Earth


XCFind Scotland – The primary tool for tracking Scottish pilots with SPOT or Garmin satellite trackers.

XCRT – Similar to XCFind with more features. Can show SPOT, Garmin and LiveTrack24. More popular in England.

XContest Live Tracking – Real-time tracking of pilots using the beta version of XCTrack app.

Flymaster Live Tracking – Real-time tracking, commonly used in competitions

Clubs, Schools and Organisations

British Hang-gliding and Paragliding Association (BHPA)

Scottish Hang-gliding and Paragliding Federation (SHPF)

Lanarkshire and Lothian Soaring Club (LLSC)