Incident Report 002

Date & Time of Incident

February 2021

Weather Conditions at the Time of the Incident

Varying light wind

Incident Location

Tops of Fichell – Glen Clova

Description of Incident

Pilot A arrived on site and after assessing conditions, conducted pre flight checks to all equipment before launching and taking to the air.

After 10 minutes of ridge soaring, the wind strength dropped and Pilot A slope landed halfway up the hill. Deciding to re-launch on top, he unclipped his wing from the harness and continued to walk back to the launch point whilst carrying his wing in hand and wearing his harness.

After reaching the launch point, Pilot A prepared to re-launch. While connecting the risers to the harness, a passing pilot noticed his reserve handle and both reserve securing pins had become undone.

Why Did It Happen?

  • While walking back to the launch point, Pilot A concluded the speed bar connection located on the harness had wrapped around the reserve handle pulling it and the reserve securing pins out of their secure position.
  • Pilot A continued to wear the harness and carry the wing loose while walking back to launch. This increased the chances of the reserve handle encountering other equipment and becoming unattached.
  • Pilot A had rushed unclipping his wing from the harness to walk back to the launch point and did not give due care to his packing arrangements.

Lessons Learned

  • If both wing and harness were packed properly prior to walking back up the hill, this might have avoided the reserve handle becoming unsecure.
  • If Pilot A had not rushed while unclipping the wing from the harness, the instance of the speed bar connection entangling with the reserve handle might have been avoided.
  • Thorough pre flight checks should be conducted after instances of slope/top landing where Pilots disconnect from their harness or disconnect from their wing.