Ben Tirran, Glen Clova

Please ensure you are fully aware of the AHPC’s agreement with Rottal Estate before travelling to fly anywhere on or over the estate.

In particular, Ben Tirran and Loch Wharral must be avoided during the nesting season of birds of prey that reside in the area (Mid April through early July)

See the Site Sensitivities/Restriction section below.

Wind direction(s)

South-west through south.

Applicable disciplines


Launch coordinates

NO 370 732 / 56.845969, -3.033979 / 750m

Landing/bomb-out coordinates

NO 362 711 / 56.827981, -3.047452 / 270m

Landing is possible anywhere in the glen without crop or livestock.

Parking coordinates

NO 362 710 / 56.826040, -3.047327 / 251m

Directions to site

Leave the A90 at Finavon, head for Tannadice then Kirriemuir looking for signs for Cortachy Glen Clova before getting to Kirriemuir, postcode DD8 4QU.

Access to launch

Follow the track from the parking area until it breaks west just below the 450m contour line, then turn north-east, cross the Burn of Eskielawn and make your way directly up the main face to a suitable launch.

Site sensitivities/restrictions

Ben Tirran lies within Rottal Estate. As of August 2020, the AHPC has agreed that its members will notify the estate of their intention to fly over the estate. Failure to do so may result in a deterioration of otherwise good relations with the estate.

  • Avoid launching from or flying low over the Loch Wharral and Ben Tirran areas during nesting season (mid April through early July)

The above areas are home to peregrine and eagle nests. If other nests are established, the estate will notify the club as appropriate.

  • The gamekeeper, Mark Palmer, must be notified of an intention to fly over the estate, this can either be via SMS or Whatsapp to 07495 573423, or via email to copying in

One of the team may then respond with advice on areas to avoid on the estate if there are credible reasons to do so.

  • Avoid flying over the estate on the following days, unless it has been agreed with the gamekeeper that it is OK to do so:
    • The day of and day prior to grouse shooting.
    • The day of a deer stalk.

Scott Mather will continue to advise the club, primarily via Whatsapp, when such dates are imminent.

Check the seasonal site restrictions before flying.

Risk assessment/hazards

As with any area enclosed by hills, beware of the potential for wave to exist.

Launch advice


Landing areas

Landing spots suitable for most pilots can be found to the east of the path leaving the parking area. If in doubt, fly south across the road to find a flat area without crop or livestock.


Flying advice


Airspace considerations

Glen Clova is directly below the Aberdeen-Edinburgh flight corridor, with a floor of FL85 (8500ft / ~2590m) above Tops of Fichell. 15km to the north-east, the corridor floor drops to FL55, and at 23km from launch the floor drops to 3000feet AMSL.

Site Map

Notable flights/site records

AHPC site contact

Scott Mather

Related sites

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Tops of Fichell


Looking west towards Loch Wharral from the south face of Ben Tirran.
In shot, Scott Mather.
Photo: Kieran Campbell / @kieran.campbell
Shot from above the peak of Ben Tirran, looking south out of Glen Clova, with Tops of Fichell visible to left. Scott Mather and Daniel Gravier in shot.
Photo: Kieran Campbell / @kieran.campbell
Looking west across Loch Wharral and upper Glen Clova to the Cairngorms from Ben Tirran.
Photo: Kieran Campbell / @kieran.campbell